Adele Shakal (shakal) wrote in dean_in_2004,
Adele Shakal

Petition to the DNC

I have just read and signed the following online petition along with more than 800 other Dean supporters.

"Complaint to DNC for Compliance with Charter and Full and Fair Representation"

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing it yourself.

I believe that it has been stated in comments on blogforamerica that the petition may be reported on the evening news by ABC and FOX, so please consider signing the petition as soon as possible.

(I am crossposting to howard_dean, dean_team, dean_in_2004, dean_democrats, and dean4america. My apologies if you see this more than once, and thanks for your time.)
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